Jules Vallée was born in Belgium in 1933 in Montignies sur Sambre.

 First, as self-taught, he painted since 1953 under the pseudonym of RAINBOW.

 His paintings, imbued with a naive freshness trend , have been quickly noticed by the critics who recommended him to be included in the selection of artists to represent the "Contemporary Belgian Painting"

 in Valencia, Spain, and Paris where he received the city art medal in 1956.

 Under the impetus of private lessons followed with the surrealist Marcel Delmotte, he quickly found his style, marked by a strong personality.

 Then signing VALLEE, he entered the circuit of famous Art Galleries.

 Thus we see him successively exposed in Brussels in May 1956 at the gallery Demfel!.

 and in January and October 1957 at the Galerie d'Egmont.

 Also in Charleroi in February and November 1957 at the Galerie du Parc.

 Exhibitions welcomed by art critics of the moment:

 "This painting is the result of an unexpected art structure, in favor of life and strength, far from commonplace or repetitions."

 "Surrealism applied? No more, not carrying out the transformation of things seen or hallucinated mobility. Jules VALLEE remains, however, very aware, even in the solemnity of his emotions."

 "It is difficult to classify this strange painting, mirror of a new expression of art."

 "Such an art is inspired, but we should not deny the power of this obsessive fair and intelligent art."

 "The gift of color, in  fine rare and valuable shades, has nothing to do with the violence of Fauvism and Expressionism."

"The exhibition will rally many votes, given never banal harmonies , processed without school spirit or influence."

 "He can not, already ! any more disappoint us."

 These criticisms, rare for a painter of 24 years, make him referenced in the dictionary PIRON "visual artists trom Belgium nineteenth and twentieth Centuries"

 and in the biographical dictionary of ARTO art in Belgium.

 From that moment, faced with the harsh economic reality of a life of "genius!"

 He left to join the other works of life totally absorbing a large international company, painting, rarely, for the sake of a few amateurs.

 He will recover in 2002, to 69, the trance of a painting updated by the discovery of modern acrylic, completing 47 new works.

 ln Macon, in 2004 the gallery François MARTIN, he exhibited "Half a Century

 abstract paintings, "finally inventing a school name which positions in the flow chart of modern painting: the suggestionism.

 Mr. P. Courtois, Senator and Mayor of Macon, will host during the opening, Ms. Van Bever, representing the Ministry of Culture of Belgium.

 "His paintings are abstract ... the thing suggested, clings to a wild calligraphy, feeding chopped light menu that pops up from the bottom of the table, scratched feverishly  quest for the impossible truth." MC

 Referenced in the dictionary since 2005 "Listing of artists" in Larousse: listed from 1000 to 5000 Euros.

 Participates in 2005 and 2006 at the Salons of paint collective Tournus.

 February 2006 was exhibited in the Art Gallery International Da Silva Villeneuve d'Asc

 "An international size"

 Participates in 2006 and 2007 at the Salons of collective painting of Pont de Vaux

 "A painter unclassifiable"

 You can see his work since th en in various collective exhibitions

 and in particular the show's 2010 summer Boissezon where he received the prize for


 "We do not chase the genius, it is the genius who runs after you!"